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Our Story

Welcome to Oak & Vine, where casual dining meets elegance in a symphony of classic American flavors. Nestled at the heart of Glen Cove, we are more than just a restaurant; we are a gathering place where hospitality, unity, and exceptional culinary experiences converge.

Our New American menu caters to all, featuring an array of pastas, steaks, seafood, and burgers, each dish crafted for unique appeal. We specialize in our "Off the Grill" selection, highlighting the parrilla grill's slow-cooked, smoky flavors that elevate meats and vegetables to new levels. Enjoy homemade pastas for a comforting taste of richness, and end on a sweet note with our house-made desserts. Our cocktails, a blend of classic and contemporary, are the perfect complement to your dining experience, ensuring every meal is memorable and full of flavor.

Central to our ambiance is a private event space called 'The Symphony Room', which showcases a piano for all types of special occasions. It accommodates live music, from classical quartets to solo pianists, setting the stage for evenings filled with music, connection, and joy.

Our Team